Synchrony™ LEDs Starter Kit

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The Synchrony™ LED starter kit contains everything you need to get your party started!

What’s in the box:

  • One Synchrony™ LED Controller
  • One power supply (5V)
  • One LED extension cord: 0.5M (1.6feet)
  • Choice of one LED Strip or String

LED Option:
    •One LED Strip: White strip or Black strip
   • One LED String: Green String or Red/White/Green string

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Synchrony™ is an intelligent LED controller that uses patented neural network technology to create a high-quality light show with no programming required! The starter kit is perfect for dance parties, deck decor, or portable concert lighting.

The Synchrony™ LED controller and lights are 
water resistant. You can use them inside or outside, on your porch, in your dorm room, or around your pool!

• Water-resistant (IP65) Synchrony™ LED controller, with waterproof connectors
• 5V power supply with waterproof connectors
• 0.5M (1.6 feet) LED extension cord with waterproof connectors
• Choice of one waterproof LED strip or string:

  • LED Strip: 5M (16.4 feet) silicone-sheathed lamp tube. 150 Pixels
  • LED String: 3.5M (11.5 feet) individually wrapped LED bulbs. 50 pixels

Additional information

LED Option

1 LED Strip (Black), 1 LED Strip (White), 1 LED String (Red, White, Green), 1 LED String (Green)

1 review for Synchrony™ LEDs Starter Kit

  1. Rick Krieger

    What a great journey, being a part of Synchrony’s Kickstarter campaign last year, and this Saturday night rolling the system out playing a party gig at a local country club.
    I know there are many folks that will use Synchrony LEDs as a home/Holiday decoration, or for parties and such, but from the first time I saw the demo there was no doubt it would be the perfect system for a Club show.
    First thing I noted when they arrived is that the build quality is MUCH higher than I would have anticipated! The LED Strips are amazingly durable, heavy-duty, and waterproof. Who does that?? The controller is terrific, nothing cheap about it, easy to set up, easy to operate. Again, great quality connectors, heavy-duty power supply – really made to last. But the App – oh, the App! (BTW, loaded it on both iPad and a Droid phone, very cool). Wish I could show this to everyone – it’s so well thought out, an almost infinite number of choices on the color palate, and a bunch of different patterns to choose from. When you see the way the lights function and respond to your music on a video, it looks cool – but in person it’s simply stunning.
    I’ve found very few products that a performer can add to a local entertainment act that have a true “wow” factor, but the Synchrony LED blows me away. I can’t wait to share it with an audience!

    Rick Krieger

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