Synchrony™ LEDs Halloween Hat Kit

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Specifically designed for Halloween, this witch’s hat provides an eerie vibe for your Halloween parties and trick-or-treat events. The lights synchronize to your favorite Halloween tunes!

What’s in the box:

One Chroma Witch’s Hat
One Synchrony LEDs Starter Kit:

    • One Synchrony™ LED controller
    • One power supply (5V)
    • One LED extension cord: 0.5M (1.6 feet)
    • One LED string: 3.5M (11.5 feet)

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Halloween is so much fun and choosing the right decor is merely the beginning. Deck out your haunted house with Halloween magic from Synchrony™ LEDs! With our intelligent LED controller, the Synchrony™ LEDs Halloween Witch’s Hat dances to your Halloween music to create an amazing decor that will set your crypt apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

Set includes a spooky witch’s hat and a Synchrony™ LEDs starter kit to synchronize lights to your Halloween music. Use our mobile app to customize colors and patterns. Hang on your front door, in your entryway, or on the wall to create a spooky, groovy ambiance.

  • Indoor or outdoor sheltered use
  • Lights: Synchrony™ LEDs string
  • Power Type: Powered by plug in 
  • Hat Figure Dimensions: 22″ X 23″
  • Materials: Wire, plastic

Included Product Details:

  • Water-resistant (IP65) Synchrony™ LED controller, with waterproof connectors
  • 5V power supply with waterproof connectors
  • 0.5M (1.6 feet) LED extension cord with waterproof connectors
  • One waterproof 3.5M (11.5 feet) LED string
  • One 10mm Coroplast Witch’s Hat Cutout (waterproof, weather and stain resistant)


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