Synchrony™ LEDs Splitter Cable


The Synchrony™ LEDs Splitter Cable allows you to run patterns in parallel — instead of only connecting LEDs end-to-end — from your Synchrony™ LEDs Controller. Works with LED strips or stings. Waterproof (IP68) cable and connectors.

Total Length: 28cm (11.5 inches)

What’s in the box:

  • One LED splitter cable
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The Synchrony™ LEDs Splitter Cable lets you run your strips and strings in parallel. This allows you to create different effects, and it increases the total number of LEDs you can control from one controller. The maximum number of LEDs that can be controlled in series is 340, but one splitter doubles that number to 680, with a second splitter, 1020, and so on. With splitters and additional power injectors, you can control an unlimited number of LEDs.


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