Synchrony™ LEDs Christmas Tree Build Instructions

Our 8-foot Christmas tree featured at our booth during July’s Christmas Expo was a hit! Due to popular demand, here are the instructions to build your own Synchrony™ LEDs Christmas tree!

(Click here to download PDF instructions)

Materials needed

(Note you can also purchase a starter kit and 15 extra strips)

For the frame, we used an 8-foot flag pole, a 30-inch diameter wreath frame, and black cloth.

Overview of steps to build the tree

In-Depth Instructions

Step 1: Create four layers of LED strips

Place four strips in a crosswise pattern (see diagram). Make sure to follow the ordering for the in and out connectors (in = female end, out = male end).

Four strips build one layer, interconnecting in a clockwise order. Connect the strips according to the diagram bellow (connection order: 1, 2, 3). After the second strip (at connection 3 in the diagram), include a power injector to supply additional power.  

All four layers are constructed the same way. Create three more layers: 


Step 2: Connect the LED strip layers to Synchrony™ controller

A splitter is used to connect two layers together. Overlap two layers together in staggered order. Connect the two layer “Ins” together with a splitter.  

Repeat with a second splitter and two other layers: 

Use a third splitter to connect both splitters to the Synchrony™ controller: 

Alternate method for using two controllers: 

Instead of using a third splitter, connect each splitter to a separate Synchrony™ LEDs controller.


Step 3: Place the four layers on the pole, connect the power supply to the Synchrony™ controller(s), and control the tree through the app.

Overlap the layers, once again in a staggered order. Secure LEDs to pole. 

Connect all power injectors (4 total) and controller(s) to power supply. Connect the controller(s) to your mobile app via bluetooth. 

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