We are getting close. Here is our latest news.

Hello Synchrony Fans,

We are getting even closer! Here is our latest news.

We received our first 120 controller boxes on Monday (August 13th)! We finished flashing the final software and testing every box Wednesday. They work great!

Ed and Ji Chul with the first shipment

The team tested every controller.


The power supplies, strips and strings are being made in different factories and the other factories have not quite kept up with their schedules. However, we will have at least 120 LED strips and power supplies shipped to us next Monday (20th), and we expect to receive them by Friday (24th). We plan to begin shipping orders that included LED strips on Monday, August 27th.

We apologize that the strings are going to take somewhat longer. Worst case scenario is that they will be ready by September 5th. Our production manager has offered to ship them to our supporters directly from China, and we may take him up on that … and if so, we will send you the controllers from here, and then you would get a second package from China shortly thereafter. We will know more after our next update from the factory on Monday, August 20th.

We submitted the iOS app to the App store yesterday, and it should be available for download early next week.

As always, thank you for your support and patience! Get ready to rock!

Ed and Team Synchrony

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