We are getting close. Here is our latest news

Hello Synchrony Fans,

We are getting close. Here is our latest news.


We placed our first order for 1000 units on June 15th. The PC boards have been completed. Now the factory is in the process of surface mounting, in which the components and elements are mounted directly onto the surface of the PC boards.

Once the surface mounting is complete, the controllers are assembled into the enclosures and packaged. The assembled, tested, and packaged products are scheduled to be shipped from China in the second half of July. We can’t promise a specific date, because it depends on the factory. But things are looking good.

Quality Control

1. After surface mounting, every component on every board will be tested using custom hardware and software that we have developed.

2. After assembly, the neural network software will be loaded, and a second set of tests will be run to ensure a quality user experience.

Features we have added in the process

1. The controller is water resistant (IP65). IP mean “Ingress Protection”; the 6 means “no ingress of dust (dust tight);” the 5 means “water projected by a nozzle (6.3 mm) against enclosure from any direction shall have no harmful effects.” The LEDs themselves are even higher rated.

2. The controller software is upgradable. We designed a software upgrade path. Kickstarter supporters and buyers of the first generation controllers will be able to update to the latest software any time using the USB port.


Our new eCommerce website is under development. We have begun creating photographic content for the site using the test units that we received in May. We will launch with these photos, which came out pretty well.


We are on track to ship units to our supporters in August. In early August we will also begin taking orders on our new website and on Amazon Prime.

Thanks for your support!

Ed and Team Synchrony

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